Time to choose

Good. Ok. I've decided I want to make a run of hand pulled prints. I don't have a press, so my print run will be very limited. I also know that I want to do a small print - 5"x7". That's my self-imposed size limit for pieces that will be in the show in Franklin. Smaller prints are also easier to store in my basement. That's important to keep in mind because that's where the majority of these things spend their time.

Now I go back through my sketches and drawings, trying to find the right image. If I've drawn 60 pictures, maybe MAYBE 10 of those are decent. And of those 10, one might be good enough (in my eyes, anyway) to turn into a finished work.

In this instance, I've gone through and picked out this pencil sketch. I'm interested in portraits right now, so it fits that bill. It's a line drawing, with very little grey areas, so it will work well as a relief print. Also, it looks kind of funny and weird, so I like it. It's not of anyone in particular… I'll call it Art Lover (You Can Tell).

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