Gearing up

So normally I have paintings and such posted on this site. I think some people occasionally check the site out, which is cool, or maybe that's just my optimism talking. Anyway, I'm going to change things up a bit. I'll continue to post artwork on line, mostly at, but I'd like to try devoting this site to posts related to the upcoming exhibit of my stuff at the Macon County Library in Franklin, NC. My plan is to post updates on my preparation for the show and to include information on my process of creating and info on the specific works of art themselves. Ultimately, I hope this can be a companion piece to the show - almost like a guided tour that someone could access while they view the works at the library. We'll see how it goes. It feels extremely self-involved and presumptuous to think that anyone would care, and maybe no one will. I just know this is what I'd like to see from some of my favorite artists. And that's actually the same way I come up with many of my drawings.

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